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100% Handmade processes: Stud-o-rama

Hello! Long time, no blog. Now that the busy show season is over for now, it's time for fresh ideas and stocking up on old favorites. Some of my most popular items are my stud earrings; they are inexpensive, good for everyday wear, and most importantly, 100% handmade in sterling silver.

First I take sheet silver and cut my discs or small shapes out. Often I will texture the metal with a hammer or by reticulating it.

I usually dome the discs I have cut out, it gives them a dish shape which adds a little more interest to the overall piece.

All my pieces are lined up, posts are cut.

I solder all the pieces together as a batch, it saves some time. I cut all my posts out of 20 ga. sterling silver wire and solder them all on with my torch, one at a time.

I cut the posts to a uniform set size, make sure they are straight and centered, and round the ends so that they are comfortable to put in the ear. I also check to see if there are any rough bits I need to sand. Lastly I give them a polish.


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