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Teaching Abroad!

I have not blogged in quite a while! I promised myself I would not let that happen. Oh well... I am back now :)

I just got back a few days ago from a travel-teaching experience and it was awesome!! I had the opportunity to travel and teach with my good friend Robyn Cornelius in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Bead and Button Show.

Milwaukee has many beautiful old buldings... I love it!

Robyn taught a total of 18 classes over two weeks, some of which I helped with.

Here is one of our classrooms. This was a full class with 16 students, I believe. This was a piercing project... An all day project from 9:00 - 5:00 *intense*

So while we were busy instructing, we squeezed in the chance to do a bit of shopping. There was an amazing show floor with hundreds of vendors. I treated myself to a couple new tools and some stones for setting.

Awesome shopping!

We had one fun day and were treated to lunch and some on the town shopping by one of our students, it was so great. We capped the day off by taking a sailboat tour in the bay of Lake Michigan. It is a replica tallship that transported goods along the lake in the 19th century. Very cool.

A great trip, loved it. It was so fun to meet new people and I just love Milwaukee, its beautiful old buildings and friendly citizens, hope to be back someday!!

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